It’s gifting season! With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation all approaching at once, brands like AT&T are letting their customers know that there’s a sweet deal for the whole family. Time Inc. Studios called us with an idea in mind -- to bring the act of gift-giving to life through a little of our stop motion magic.

We took on the task by storyboarding ideas for each of the three 15-second videos that AT&T needed to celebrate their product lines. Once approved, we got to work animating each gift box, using real products, boxes, and lots of bows. Through rigging and a lot of replacement pieces, we were able to fill and package each gift box with special offers, topping them off with a brand-colored bow.

Agency: Time Inc. Studios
Client: AT&T

Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Animation Director: Michaela Olsen
Fabricators: Victoria Arslani and Michaela Olsen
Prop Stylist: Zuzu Snyder
Stop Motion Animators: Michaela Olsen and Victoria Arslani