New year, new campaign with our friends at Bon Appétit Magazine! We partnered with Bon Appétit to create a series of videos for the health conscious brand LÄRABAR. Each video was supplemented with tips to refresh your system in the new year, including meditation, yoga, and rock climbing. Our stylist and animators gave a bit of life to the real ingredients found in each type of bar and bite-- even our cashews looked like they were climbing! Find the article here.

Agency: Bon Appétit Magazine (Conde Nast)

Creative Director: Emily Collins
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Art Director: Michaela Olsen
Prop and Food Stylist: Rose Kennedy
Animator: Victoria Arslani
Post Fx and Sound Design: Andrew Yates, Marisha Falkovich
Storyboards: Anthony Galante
Hand Models: Emily Collins, Sonya Meesh, Lauren Jacobs