Our first TV commercial series was the perfect project for our newest team member, Michaela Olsen, to bring to life. Michaela is a master animator with an unparalleled eye for detail. This caught the attention of Charley Farley of Charley Farley Home Loans, who requested 4 short commercials to help young couples find their first house. Michaela fabricated several miniature sets and characters, all out of paper. There were dozens of trees, flowers, window sills, and roof shingles to be made, all of which Michaela crafted with the utmost precision. But our last task was to put real life Charley into this animated world, so we composited a green screen video of Charley into the beginning of the video and animated the office around him.

To polish things up, we added Charley's narration and included his signature jingle. This resulted in four colorful and informative commercials, all brought together through the process of stop motion animation. 

UPDATE: The success of our 2016 Charley Farley Home Loans campaign led to another series in 2017. Find 4 more animated videos above! 

Client: Charley Farley
Agency: Marcia Morgan Marketing

Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Fabricators: Michaela Olsen, Zuzu Snyder, Emily Collins, and Efeme Onaodowan
Stop Motion Animators: Michaela Olsen
Post FX: Michaela Olsen
Sound Design: Michaela Olsen