When we first met Erin Bagwell at a networking event, her idea of a documentary about female entrepreneurs was in its infancy. But within a few months, Erin would go on to raise over $100,000 on Kickstarter, staff an all-women crew, and begin production on the film of her dreams, Dream, Girl.

Mighty Oak was brought onto the Dream, Girl team to animate the memories of the film's featured founders. As each entrepreneur would recall their dreams and passion for starting a business, the audience would be swept into an animated world filled with visual representation of their stories.

In order to bring this project to life, our team sat down with the film's scripts and began to form a branded concept to be used throughout the film. We created a color mood board, character designs, written treatments, and numerous storyboards for review. Once approved, our team began fabrication, crafting each scene along with several miniature replacement pieces for each. Our founders were cut out of paper, hand-painted, and built for flexibility and expression. Each story, included Erin's opening sequence was branded with colors and imagery that matched their personality. After animating each story to the audio, we polished up our animations and sent them to the post production team to be composited into their film.

Dream, Girl made its first premiere at The White House on May 26th, and made its world debut on June 9th at the Paris Theater in Manhattan.

Client: Dream, Girl
Film Director: Erin Bagwell

Concept Strategy: Mighty Oak
Producer: Jess Peterson
Fabricators:  Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen
Stop Motion Animators: Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen
Post FX: Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen