An animated series about successful female founders who defied the odds.

Monica Phromsavanh is a successful founder of two fashion companies, but she didn't start off that way.

Born and raised in an Argentinian refugee camp, Monica left for the United States at 17 with $200 in her pocket and not a word of English. Now, she runs a successful company and speaks 4 languages in front of the world's largest CEO's. Fusing incredible willpower and invaluable partnerships, she's following her dreams and creating opportunities for others to follow theirs. 

Have you seen Rihanna's diamond-studded sunglasses with the chain? That was Kerin. Or Lady Gaga's bedazzled tea cup for the Grammys? That was Kerin too. In fact, there's a good chance that even if you don't know Kerin Rose Gold by name, you've seen her brand A-Morir's customized eyewear and jewelry on celebrities, in fashion magazines, or even as knock offs on Canal Street.

But while Kerin was pioneering the trend of embellished eyewear, her battle with a chronic illness was forcing her to make a life-altering decision.