Nobilis Health was looking for a way to explain their Omega Procedure to patients in need. For those who suffer painful chronic migraines, it can often seem like relief is not an option. This procedure was developed to help those who need it most, and our mission was to share this information with them in a clear and approachable way. We wanted to relate to one's inability to function with a migraine -- visualizing what it feels like when you're not in control of your day-to-day. All sets were created out of paper, from the toys in the living room to the tiny remote control in our patient's hand. Only the facial features were hand-drawn, finally bringing her to life. 

In one month since launching the video, the brand announced that it had performed 5 times better than their standard social media posts, and beat their highest performing landing page by 66%. Better yet, they've received an increase in inquiries about the procedure, and are hoping it can help more people in need.

Client: Nobilis Health

Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Fabricators: Kelsey Brewer, Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante, Victoria Arlsani
Animator: Victoria Arslani
Post Fx: Brenn Goodell
Script: Jade Shames and Jess Peterson
Voice Over: Alissa Alter