Mighty Oak worked with 20th Century Fox to promote the new film that celebrates PT Barnum’s life story.

Using Amazon’s promotional “Greatest Showman” boxes, we built a fantastical circus that opens to reveal the rogues and heroes behind corrugated curtains. To capture the whimsy and flair of PT Barnum’s world, we crafted stilt walkers, the bearded lady, jugglers, and even the strong man, using chalk and a fine point pen for each little detail.

Take a look behind the scenes of how the show came together, and look for “The Greatest Showman” in theaters on December 15.


Client: 20th Century Fox

Creative Director: Emily Collins
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Art Director: Michaela Olsen
Storyboards: Sami Kerwin
Animation Director: Hayley Morris
Animators: Victoria Arslani, Hayley Morris
Fabricators: Hayley Morris, Victoria Arslani, Sami Kerwin, Matt Christensen, Emily Hoffman
Post FX: Andrew Yates and Marisha Falkovich