Our partnership with Condé Nast Traveler took Trader Joe's artisanal pasta on a journey through Italy, while illustrating a few helpful tips for the perfect get-away. To create this Italian holiday, our team animated real Trader Joe's ingredients to build scenery including the asparagus-lined Tuscan hills, a red pepper gondola, and an intricately-carved pecorino Romano cheese Colosseum. Our paper-crafted Vespa was designed for two Gigli pasta to hitch a ride; it even had moving wheels! Our hand-drawn animators pulled inspiration from architectural Roman ink-drawings to create iconic Italian landscapes, incorporating text, sound effects, and a classic Italian song. The video culminates as all ingredients swirl together to make classic Italian pasta recipe, with hand-drawn cutlery to serve. Mangia!

Agency: Condé Nast
Client: Trader Joe's

Creative Director:  Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Art Director and Stylist: Minkyung Chung
Stop Motion Animator: Victoria Arslani
Hand-Drawn Animator: Marisha Falkovich, Brenn Goodell
Post  FX and Sound Design:  Brenn Goodell
Storyboards: Andreas Dutz