Welcome to "The Painting Game", a gameshow where three paint-swatch bachelors bid for the love of Patina, a paintbrush looking for her true-hue match.

This branded collaboration between truTV and Sherwin-Williams took a tongue in cheek approach, inspired by popular 70's game shows like "The Dating Show." Our fabricators used precision-cut plywood and string lights to build the marquee-lit stage, adding strips of gold ribbon on each level for an extra sparkle. The style of each character was inspired by 70's fashion like rainbow-faded aviators, an oversized slate blue tie, and a well-groomed mustache.

Patina's hair was made of more than 200 strands of embroidery thread, cut, and glued to a wire-wrapped coif of upholstery foam. This allowed us to animate the hair - an important part of bringing Patina's character to life.


Brand: truTV
Client: Sherwin Williams

Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Animation Director: Anthony Galante
Animator: Victoria Arslani
Fabricators: Anthony Galante, Minkyung Chung, Sami Kerwin
Post FX: Anthony Galante, Marisha Falkovich
Storyboard Artist: Sami Kerwin
Hand Model: Sonya Meesh